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Lots of talking last times about fancast of Giancarlo Esposito as Vetinari.
I saw another fancast of black!Vetinari but it was awful and the actor that was choosen was so much not Vetinari-ish as could be. 
While Giancarlo looks to me more like Vetinari than Charles Dance even when he doesn’t have a beard. 

Noir Detective!Vimes

Another illustration for Opium and Old Tea by  thiswaycomessomethingwicked because I was thinking of it recently. 
Vimes in fedoraaaa

First illustration

So I was recently thinking a lot about modern!au for my OCs and that’s the result. Nathaniel as captain in Royal Navy and because now Scots can wear their kilts with the uniforms in British Navy he’s in one. I took random military tartan’s design which i like, if there is someone who can enlighten me which one they wear in navy I’ll be very grateful.

Transformers :D Though if you aren’t in the transformers fandom, then supernatural

As I’m totally not into transformers, don’t know shit about them, and sincerely don’t understand how can you ship fucking transformers, I went with Supernatural and my old OTP Samifer.

It was like my first fan-ship and hold on me for almost a year. And tbh I still really like it ^^

I was going to answer with this on this little nasty post with “Because fuck you, that’s why” but I thought it might be a bit stupid and also it’s too nice sketch to waste it on some little shit. You can read some mature answers to this there [x]

I was going to explain why am I shipping it but I’m really bad at explaining things at all, so I’ll just draw another picture.

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