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In fit of rage because I was reading 7 pages of Raising Steam for an hour (I usually read 30 in 20 minutes) I drew Vetinari reading book in Polish. Good luck with that, sir! Have a fun with our grammar! Especially with varieties of absolutely every single word and with all of exceptions! Just, as I had with your british slang and Simnel’s dialect. Necessarily try to pronounce it. Maybe you’ll break your witty tongue! 

And for you I’ve got short scene from polish pre-war comedy, with one of most well known tongue twisters.

Discworld Meme! Couldn’t resist. 

All of my OCs are on Discworld. From left to right:
Azarie, Elenour di Nouge, Camille Moretti, Kasmir Rasconov, Lawrence di Nouge, Alexander di Nouge, William “Ramrod” Draher, Nathaniel de la Crua, I don’t remember his name but he was older brother of:, Marc O’donell, Adela Delloney, Orifiel, Philip de Charce, Anna Clark, Salvador Artemidas, Rosemary Hobbson. 

On DeviantArt also there are the tags. And better quality

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